100% Combed Cotton Yarn

cotton 100%

Carefully selected cotton for soft touch and superior in strength in order to run smoothly on any machine. To have a pure high quality yarn, we select and combine some of the best quality cotton from the high standard cotton farm such as USA and Australia.

Our 100% Combed Cotton product yarn count range from Ne 10 to Ne 60. With high standard machine and experience yarn expert, the yarn count up to Ne 120 can be done.

Open-End Yarn

Open-End Yarn

Developed for clean comfort touch. Our open-end yarn is known for its high standard since our technologies are the most modern available in the market.

Our open-end yarn range from Ne 4 to Ne 32 and is used widely across the industries.

Viscose Rayon Yarn

Rayon yarn

Our rayon yarn has a good amount of resemblances qualities of cotton. Its strength and extreme absorbent quality help to create great quality end product.

Our viscose rayon yarn count range from Ne 20 to Ne 40

Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic Yarn

Created to shine. This wool-like and fine soft yarn is suited for application with bright color. Its light weight and springy touch create a sense of luxury.

Our acrylic yarn range from Ne 30 to Ne 40. Lower and higher yarn count can be created when needed.

Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn

Cotton Blended

Composed for wrinkle resistant character. We select high quality polyester from reputable producer. Our long experience in blending polyester and cotton make our yarn suitable in all wide range of application.

Our Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarn range from Ne 8 to Ne 45. The content of polyester and cotton mix as well as yarn count can be customized.

Functional Yarn


Specialized in performing its tasks. We can create yarn with special function such as anti-peeling, low hairiness and many more that can suit your need.

We are willing to listen and develop special requirement for our client. As the matter of fact, we have been helping out our client since the beginning of our Testing & Development lab.