Product & Service

We have developed a wide variety of cotton yarns, customized fabric and textile product development services to fulfill the need of customers. Day by day, our persistence in research and development practice creates improvement in existing and new product. We are proud to deliver you the quality product and solution.

Our yarns and fabric are being used widely across industries such as apparel, embroidery, home furnishing and decoration, medical and surgical, automotive, and many other industrial uses. We export our product worldwide including USA, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many more.

Product Capacity

We currently have 60,000 spindles of Ring Spinning and Compact Spinning, 1,800 rotors of Open-End Spinning, 840 spindles of Air-jet spinning, and 2368 spindles of Two-For-One Twisting. 1,100 Tons of yarn are delivered each month.

For Fabric product we have more than 240 machines including Air Guide and Profile Type with 40 to 71 inches in width, covering capacity of over 2.2 millions yards per month

Product Range