Standard of Living



We believe that work is not the only aspect of life. Life should be healthy and happy both at work and out of work. Therefore, we encourage people to take part in joining and hosting various activities. With sport facilities and equipments reserved for our people, they can exercise and enjoy themselves in their free time. The most popular sports are soccer, takraw (Kick Volleyball), badminton, and aerobic dancing. Depend on the season, the competition is arranged between departments within the companies, and also with affiliated companies and other companies close by.

Also, there are couples of Buddhist temple nearby, we take this opportunity to encourage people to do good deed, and give food to Buddhist monk in the morning.

Living Units

living units

For those whose family and home are far away, our dormitories are provided with all necessary utilities in place. We also have 24 hour security guard for the safety of our people. Even though the utility is free, our people are well aware of their usage and limit their excessive use for the company and environment.