Safe and Clean Working Environment


Our company has close to zero accident rates. Our safety team strictly monitors and analyzes machinery in each location of the factory in order to prevent any accident to occur. We also frequently remind our people to put safety as priority.

We have system in place to promote our people health and safety such as clean machinery and factory in daily basis, perform machinery check in a fix schedule, open for any extra idea of improvement using suggestion box. We create awareness and educate people about the nature of factory work environment. Even though it’s a regulation, each person practices it and encourages other to do so through their understanding and care for other.

We are also member of AEO which is the abbreviation of Authorized Economic Operator which the World Customs Organization WCO has defined as an organization or a company involved in the movement of goods certified by Customs of each country that such organizations or companies have complied with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards.