Found by Mr.Pipat Sirikietsoong, Thai Industries Development Co., Ltd. had a capital stock of 6,000,000 Baht with main office in Ratchawong road. The factory site was built on 33,000 sq. meter area in Samutprakarn and started with 1,000 shuttle loom weaving machines.


TID expanded into yarn knitting business with 10,000 spindles. The weaving factory also introduced towel weaving production line with dyeing and finishing installed.


TID gained new customer target by start exporting its product to U.S. and Europe


The standard of product quality was lifted up with Test & Development Lab. This was when TID made a commitment to be the company of innovation. At the same time, the 2nd factory building was completed. The company gradually expanded to the total of 33,000 spindles.


By seeing the shift in demand of the market, TID introduced 960 rotors of yarn Open-End technology as well as 240 Air Guide and Profile Type weaving machines. TID was promoted with BOI and was financially supported by Thai Bank of Investor. The capital is raised to 250,000,000 Baht.


TID expanded its factory site further to 81,000 sq.meter and built a third factory with new spinning machine, create 50,000 yarn spindles in total. Main office is relocated to downtown Sukhumvit area to stimulate more business transaction.


As a well managed company, TID achieved ISO 9001:1994 with ease. Air-jet looms for yarn gradually increased to 840 spindles.


In this year of re-organization, TID made a tough decision in stopping its towel business and put its focus on yarn and weaving fabric product instead. Capital was raised to 600,000,000 baht in order to expand larger and increase the quality and efficiency.


New standard of ISO 9001:2000 was strictly performed and the replacement was made to 12,000 ring spindles.


Ring-spinning upgrading project was completed. Ring-spinning was replaced with 60,000 spindles all with auto-doff and most with winding link system.


With the drive to stay as the leader in textile industry, compact yarn technology was introduced. OE line was replaced with upgraded machine to 1,800 rotors. The risk of product contamination during shipping is eliminated by creating our own loading dock. Also, we still confirmed our high quality product and management system along with ISO 9001:2008 standard.


In order to stay as the best quality fabric producer, TID upgraded all of the weaving machines to brand new airjet Toyota JAT810. Combining top quality machine with our expertise, we can create a quality product that serve our customer even better than before.


Our ISO standard is upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 for optimal operation and communication is our company. We also achieve a higher standard of environment friendly factory by installing solar roof to lower carbon footprint for the next generation to come.